How to enable thinkfan on Lenovo Y410

You can control lenovo thinkpad’s fan via thinkfan. Here is the procedure


How I created a virtual disk file to store lots of small files


I was experimenting with several Linux distribution at the moment. I installed Ubuntu 17.04, Fedora 26, openSUSE 42.3 and Manjaro Linux deepin edition. I was sharing a lot of things among the distributions, one of them is /opt.

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Installing and configuring pantheon greeter

lightdm is a display manager that handles running X server and login in Linux systems. The flexbility of lightdm allowed it to be used with different greeters (login screen). Though the default is Unity greeter, not every distribution uses it as default. Elementary OS project uses their own fork, named pantheon greeter, which in my opinion is most visually appealing.

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Long awaited solution to "vblank wait timed out on crtc" bug on Intel 965 chipsets found

The long awaited notorious vblank wait timed out on crtc bug has finally got some working solution. Thanks to all users across the globe who constantly tested various solutions. This bug hangs the system for several seconds when user tries to switch virtual consoles or when starts playing a video file.

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Notes from 99 bottles of OOP

This is a post of notes I am taking from the book, 99 bottles of OOP by Sandi Metz and Katrina Owen. I’m hoping that I can finish it timely and also complete the post with all notes. This post will have notes only from Chapter 1 (Shameless Green)

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How to pair a bluetooth device from terminal

Bluetooth has been a headace for us all. Works sometimes and doesn’t work some other times. Here I’m creating a checklist of tasks to successfully connect a bluetooth device in Linux. I’ve tested this in Ubuntu 16.04.

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How to generate Rails documentation with Yardoc

The default rake doc:rails generate api documentation for rails using sdoc format. But, if you want to get yardoc formatted api documentation, you need to generate it manually. One way to generate this api documentation is by navigating to rails source and using the command yard doc. Assuming you are using rvm to manage rubies and gems, It’s not easy, Because rvm store all gems including rails dependencies in a single directory. That makes it hard to filter which comes with rails and which are not. For example, action-controller is a rails component but yard is not. But all lives in the same gems folder.


Referencing outside controller from inside namespace

Yesterday, I came across a case where I needed to refer to an outside controller’s action from a namespaced view. It is actually a form, which submits data. So, I needed to use post method.


Diving inside Ruby Blocks-1

New Ruby users often become confused by it’s Block. So was I. Today, I determined to dive into these block thingy once more. And Alhamdulillah, I want to share with you the knowledge. Mostly, for myself.


Using form_for for nested resources in rails

Using object with form_for in rails in really nice things. But, it can get tricky when we need a form for nested resources. For example, we could have a @result resource, inside a @course resource. What should be done in these cases?


How to change the default font using font-config

If you want to replace the default font used for a certain family such as sans-serif or monospace or just want to replace every occurrence of a font, you need to deal with font-config. This is very simple.

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How to enable anti-aliasing for Monaco font in Ubuntu

Monaco was the standard monospace typeface installed by default in Apple computers until it is replaced by Menlo in Mac OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) . But, This font, when used in Ubuntu, renders pixelated in small sizes (to be accurate, sizes less that 14px). This is quiet dissapointing since it is a very nice font. Below is a picture of the problem.

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How to configure lightdm greeter theme

Ubuntu uses Lightdm as the display manager. Ubuntu also uses it’s default lightdm-greeter (The UI that is displayed as User Login Page) which is named unity-greeter.

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How to make Firefox's zoom settings persistent or saved

When you make changes to a site’s zoom settings, that change will not be saved for all pages of that particular site and, of course not across all the other sites too. This is particularly problemetic for site’s whose has low sized fonts such as Django’s offline documenation site. You have to zoom everytime you navigate around sites.


How do I save cache files with Wireshark

This article mentions a method for saving viewed, listened browser cache with Wireshark software. Check it out